Argentina Crop Survey Suggests Increased Production

July 17, 2017

USDBC’s recently completed initial survey of the Argentine bean crop projects an uptick in production numbers for this year. Plantings have responded to the high demand from Brazil last year particularly for black, cranberry, and dark red kidney beans. Despite the successful planting, the Argentine bean crop has had to deal with white mold due to unanticipated heavy rains in late May. This affected primarily the Northern growing region where 90% of Argentina’s alubia (white), cranberry, dark and light red kidney beans are grown. However, due to positive conditions before the onset of mold, damage was limited and overall yields and production are higher than in 2016.. Argentina’s black bean growing region in the South enjoyed mostly favorable weather with isolated cases of white mold and expects an up to 14% increase in total black bean production compared to last year.

With Brazil’s second harvest in the main black bean growing region hit by rain damage, Brazilian buyers were in the market for Argentina’s black beans. While Argentina’s black bean crop is expected to supply Brazil through late summer, other market dynamics, including USDBC’s increased interaction with Brazilian buyers should provide opportunities for U.S. bean suppliers to enter the Brazilian market with black beans later this year. The full report on the Argentine bean harvest is available on USDBC’s members only website.

Argentina Crop Survey Suggests Increased Production

In Salta Province, Argentina,
L-R: Roman Kutnowski (USDBC Regional Representative, Ellen Levinson (USDBC International Representative), Marco Antonio Macina (Local Producer), Cindi
Allen (U.S. Producer) and Esteban Guerineau (Agronomist for a local farm)

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