USDBC to Enhance Food Aid Work in 2018

August 21, 2017
USDBC has a long history of commitment to and engagement in global food assistance programs.  Reflecting a strengthened commitment to feeding vulnerable communities across the globe, USDBC’s Board of Directors has approved the re-establishment of a consulting position with the sole focus of engaging with humanitarian organizations, the World Food Programme, USAID, and USDA in countries where McGovern Dole School Feeding, Food for Progress, and Title II PL 480 programs are implemented.  This is an exciting opportunity to complement ongoing communications with U.S. based organizations and government agencies with expanded overseas outreach. USDBC will conduct a competitive bid process to select a consultant in early 2018.  There will be some initial baseline survey research on the use of dry beans in food aid, in Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America taking place through the end of 2017.


U.S. dry beans in food aid

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