Mexico Bean Planting Wraps Up

August 23, 2017
News from the field in Mexico confirms that the spring/summer bean planting season is ending, allowing USDBC to complete our planting projections report.  Traditionally planting should have ended by the first week of August but most important bean growing states were behind schedule due to the late arrival of rains in dry land areas.  USDBC is finalizing it’s Planting Intentions report for the Spring/Summer cycle but is offering the following early observations:  SIAP (Mexican National Agri-food and Fisheries Information Service) has estimated production of 1.2 million MT of dry beans for the 2017 Spring Summer Cycle, 8.7% higher than the 2012-2016 average, 8.5% higher compared to 2016 production and 29.4% higher than the projections of by Grupo Cassma who conducted this research, for the same period.
Mexican dry bean production.  Source: Research Group Cassma
By all accounts, both Mexican government and USDBC’s, bean planting and production are up in all of the major bean growing states.  In some cases the increases are significant as in the state of San Luis Potosi.  In others, as in Guadalajara state, the increases are small.  Most fall in between.  We will be issuing our full planting intentions report with specific projection data, this week.

Programmed Production, Source:  Cassma

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