The Show Must Go On – Trade Promotion in Hight Gear in the EU

July 18, 2018

On June 4, 2018, USDA’S Foreign Agricultural Service in Paris hosted a special event to promote U.S. food products at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence. At the U.S. Food & Beverage Nutrition and Health Event, the Ambassador welcomed some 200 French importers and end-users of U.S. foods, including buyers from major retail food chains. The FAS Agricultural Counselor, Kate Snipes, addressed the guests and introduced the two main speakers, Ysabelle Levasseur, a well-know dietitian and nutritionist, and Fred Coelho, a sports coach. The theme of the event was to emphasize how the U.S. food products on display could help maintain good health, nutrition, and energy.

U.S. Great Northern beans, donated by the French import company, CIACAM, were prepared for this event by chef Indra Carrillo, of La Condesa restaurant in Paris. The beans were served in small cups in a puree of hake fish and a mushroom sauce. Following the presentations by the main speakers, guests were invited to adjoining rooms of the Residence where a whole range of U.S. foods had been specially prepared by known chefs. The U.S. Dry Bean Council distributed special handouts with detailed information on how dry beans, and all pulses, contribute to good health. This double-sided colorful card, called “Super Dry Legumes”, talked about how a diet rich in beans provides complex carbohydrates, fiber, a high level of protein, folic acid and many minerals such as iron and magnesium. This handout also explained why beans are good for the environment by fixing nitrogen into the soil and requiring little water.

Trade Promotion EU

Eat Beans (Legumes) and Protect Your Health, a promotional handout from the Embassy Event

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