USDBC Continues to Cultivate Brazilian Bean Market at Annual Forum

September 19, 2018

Visit to Urbano bean packaging in Brazil, “This Bean Puts on a Show,” (USDBC Emerging Market Rep Gabriela Meucci on far left and USDBC Americas Rep Ellen Levinson far right)

USDBC collaborated with SENAI, a well regarded Brazilian national service institute on a presentation on dry bean consumption and trends at the rescheduled Brazilian Bean Forum (Foro Feijao), held August 15 – 17 in Curitiba. As part of the presentation, USDBC organized the preparation and tasting of pizzas made with Navy Bean Powder and three different types of dry bean toppings (using U.S. pinto, black and dark red kidney beans). Following the seminar, USDBC held one-on-one meetings with companies interested in pulse flours and visited various industry, retail and food service establishments in the region.

Program materials from Foro Feijao, “About the US Dry Bean Council”

Brazil’s bean imports from all origins are down significantly due to abundant dry bean inventories and higher import costs from the devaluation of the Brazilian real. Brazil continues to be challenging market but we are confident in long-term opportunities as we get to know this market better and strengthen our contacts and presence. We are hoping to see some movement in opportunities for black bean exports in the fall due to limited purchases from Argentina and a decline in Chinese production. We also see long term opportunities for pintos as an alternative to the Brazilian carioca bean and there is new interest in DRKs for packaging. The detailed report on Brazilian market dynamics is available to members only on our website.
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