May 21, 2019

With support from FAS’ Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP), USDBC kicked off its social media campaign in Turkey with the goal of educating Turkish consumers about the full range of U.S. dry bean classes and increasing U.S. dry bean exports to Turkey. Although Turkish people consume dry beans virtually every day, few know that the U.S. is a major supplier of dry beans to Turkey.

Turkey Uses Social Media


Our social media campaign is designed to build awareness among Turkish consumers by promoting recipes and weekly meal plans on Facebook and Instagram, the two largest Social Media influencers in Turkey. A second component of this program will be the creation of a Turkish-language website to provide consumers with information regarding the types of dry beans that the U.S. has to offer, as well as the health benefits. The Social Media postings are designed to drive readers to visit the website to learn more about U.S. dry beans and how they can be used in everyday Turkish cooking, in creative ways. Well-known Turkish chefs will be engaged to promote U.S. dry beans via Facebook and Instagram, as well as on Turkish television cooking shows. If you have customers in Turkey, ask them to follow us on Instagram @fasulyeligunlerr and on Facebook @ Fasulyeli Gunler. So far our facebook and Instagram posts have 3,540 likes, 2,300 comments and 5,020 views and we’re just getting started.

Turkey Growing Presence on Social Media


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