August 20, 2019

Our on the ground consultant in China has produced the first planting and production report for 2019 indicating that bean planting areas in major Chinese production regions has continued to decline.

According to the report, China’s total bean production is expected to be 166,000 MT, a decrease of 23% from 2018. Additionally, Chinese exports of dry beans have declined over the past five consecutive years in value terms while domestic consumption has kept growing.

Visiting white bean fields in
Southwestern China

Conversations with growers and traders as part of this report along with the message delivered from 2019 China Coarse Cereals
Industry Summit confirm that China’s policy providing incentives for the expansion of soybean crops and increased in farm subsidies in general have had a direct impact on dry bean production and exports. Our research indicates that the dry bean planting area in 2019 has decreased up to 35% in some regions, from the previous year.

Dark Red Kidney beans in Northern China

In volume terms, China’s dry bean exports in 2018 were down almost 25% from 2017 at 211,000 MT, and down 66.4% from 2013. With long-term low efficiency on farming and increase of land cost, China’s dry bean output has continuously declined since 2011.

The full report will be posted on our members only webpage.
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