October 21, 2019
Last year we celebrated the first annual World Pulses Day (WPD) on February 10, 2019. As the declaration of WPD was made in January 2019, without a long lead time, we celebrated at our annual Mexico Bean Congress in Cancun. This year, in anticipation of the event, we applied and received special funding through the Foreign Agricultural Service’s (FAS) ATP program and with their support are planning a worldwide campaign. The campaign is currently under development but will include a number of distinct elements to celebrate all of the amazing qualities of US dry beans. The campaign will be launched through social and print media. We will be reporting on the details as each element comes together and gets ready for launch. We anticipate that the various elements of this campaign will remain live well beyond WPD and up to the next commemoration in 2021. The various elements of this campaign will include short video clips that will tell the story of US dry beans from farm to plate, a global influencers campaign, and a globally syndicated promotional article. We are very excited about this opportunity, both to celebrate World Pulses Day and to develop this unique global campaign. We will be registering our event with the Global Pulses Confederation (GPC), and thank them for their efforts to bring WPD into existence.
More to come, as they say….. Hashtag Love Pulses, #LovePulses.

Filming for WPD video story at Stoutenburg Farms in Michigan

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