Turkey Trade Mission Reveals Future Opportunities

November 22, 2019

USDBC trade team visits customers in Turkey, from L to R, Grant Hinze (USDBC/Kelley Bean), Yelda Can (Foreign Trade Manager, Yurt Company), Candy Willett (USDBC/Steele and Company) Johanna Stobbs (USDBC/Europe) and Hakan Kabasakal (Yurt CEO).


Trade dynamics with Turkey can be challenging and influenced by numerous variables. We are optimistic about reports from a USDBC trade delegation that returned from Turkey last week confirming that contacts remain strong as does interest in purchasing US dry beans. Turkey’s own domestic dry bean production has been declining over the past decade while consumption remains strong. A stronger Lira means that Turkish buyers are now in a good position to purchase high quality US dry beans this year and beyond. This is traditionally a market for white beans and garbanzos.
In addition to interest from private buyers, the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) has also reached out to USDBC through USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and has asked to meet in Ankara next month to discuss future purchases of US dry beans, particularly white beans/Great Northern beans. USDBC will meet with TMO Principals in December to provide some guidance regarding how they could proceed in buying US dry beans directly. This may include a trip to the US to meet with suppliers. This is not just an immediate opportunity but something to be cultivated for future year purchases. We will be providing more details as they become available.

View of the Turkish port of Mersin, entry point for US dry bean imports.

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