Ukraine Expected to Increase Dry Bean Production

January 22, 2020

Ukraine Dry Bean Exports

Studying competitor markets and their investment in dry bean production is an important role for the USDBC. To that end, we recently completed a competitor analysis of dry bean production and marketing in Ukraine. Grain and oil seed production, including sunflower oil, corn, barley and wheat are the main crops that make Ukraine an agricultural powerhouse. Pulses are still considered a niche-market crop in Ukraine. Dry peas are the leading pulse product, with 775,600 MT produced in 2018, followed by 71,190 MT of dry beans, 53,560 MT of garbanzos and 19,620 MT of lentils. Although dry bean production volumes are currently low in Ukraine, top-quality North American navy bean seed has been acquired by certain farming interests which means that navy bean production could develop very quickly, especially now that there is a shortage of white beans in world markets.






Ukrainian Garbanzo field

Most pulse crops are grown in the Northern and Eastern regions of Ukraine and are transported by truck and rail down to Black Sea ports. Dry bean production is driven by export demand, not by the domestic market. Most dry bean production in Ukraine consists of navy bean types, and small amounts of dark red kidney bean types. The principal obstacle to developing dry bean cultivation in Ukraine is the availability of high-quality seed. Agri-businesses are looking for foreign capital and companies to invest in seed development.

It is also important to note that Ukraine will soon examine new legislation that would usher in much-needed land reform which will open up more opportunities to expand agriculture and create more certainty in that sector.
Ukraine is an important player in dry bean production and we will be keeping an eye on how the current market outlook impacts Ukrainian bean production volume this year. Full report available on our members only webpage.
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