Coronavirus impact on USDBC Global Programming

February 21, 2020
Our primary concern with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (CORVID-19) is the health and well being of our staff and industry members. To that end we are monitoring the situation, keeping up to date on the latest notices and taking reasonable precautions. New travel and event restrictions are still being announced, with the greatest impact on China and other parts of Asia. Because China is such a large trading partner, the economic, if not the health impact of the virus is being felt around the world. Logistics slowdowns from some countries are reported on shipments of various goods into China and vice versa. While no major developments have been identified on other shipments of food and agricultural commodities by USDBC representatives, we remain vigilant about the impact on future events in some of our key markets and will keep you informed.
Specifically we know that the Japanese Government has recommended that large public events be cancelled or postponed in the short-term. We do not have anything planned in this market until early summer.
Food and Hotel Asia (Singapore), the largest international food show in Southeast Asia, originally scheduled for late March/early April, has been postponed until July. However, Thaifex-ANUGA Asia 2020, in Bangkok, remains on-track for May 28 – June 1.
At ANUFOOD 2020, which is scheduled for March 9 – 11 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, large areas that are reserved for the Chinese delegation will be empty. No one is attending from China and, so far, the organizers are not allowing others to take that space. China is Brazil’s largest trading partner.
Everything else is status quo so far. We will keep you posted on any changes and on the evolving situation.
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