The US Dry Bean Council US (USDBC) Response to COVID-19 – March 22, 2020

March 23, 2020



March 22, 2020

Portland, OR

As a global agricultural trade organization with our roots in the U.S. heartland, we are deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  This is an extremely challenging time for us, for our country, and for the entire world.  Rebecca Bratter, Executive Director emphasized that, “The health and well-being of our staff and members is first and foremost.  As such, we have taken appropriate precautions ensuring that all of our staff work from home and do not travel.  Despite the challenging circumstances and changing global landscape, USDBC remains fully operational, our US and global staff are all working full time to keep our global programs running.”

All of our global events are canceled through the end of May and possibly longer, we will reevaluate in accordance with global standards and recommendations.  All trade shows taking place during this time have been cancelled and rescheduled.  We will have industry delegates in place at rescheduled events.  Joe Cramer, head of the USDBC International Program Committee (IPC) pointed out that, “global programming will be moving to new and innovative digital platforms in the very near future to make up for the current inability to conduct site visits and in person trade servicing, until we can resume travel.”  “While we are finding new ways to conduct our business and keep our finger on the pulse of global markets, our programs will continue to run at full capacity,” added Bratter.

Reports of panic buying and a high demand for dry beans, in response to the current situation we are living, have not gone unnoticed.  Agriculture is considered a critical industry, our farmers and growers are working full steam ahead to prepare for dry bean planting and to allow us to continue to meet US and global demand, without interruption.  “We are taking the current demand patterns into account as we head towards planting season and will keep growing and processing high quality US dry beans for the US and for the World, we are ready,” emphasized USDBC President Deon Maasjo.

USDBC will be pushing out messaging and updates through digital and social media, stay tuned as we weather this together.

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The U.S. Dry Beans Council (USDBC) was formed over forty years ago to represent farmers, dealers and corporate members who grow, handle, export and process dry beans grown in the United States.  The purpose and mission of the USDBC is to provide a unified voice for the dry bean industry, and to promote the healthy attributes of our food to increase the consumption of beans grown in the United States.  The USDBC strives to be successful in representing the diverse interests of the U.S. dry bean producers, handlers and processors, affecting the U.S. industry’s ability to compete both domestically and globally.


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