The Art of Beans Workshops Promotes US Dry Beansin Colombia

March 26, 2020
During 2019, USDBC utilized USDA’s Emerging Market Program (EMP) funds to organize a series of four workshops in Colombia called, “ The Art of Beans, A Superfood that Takes You to Another Level”. Invitees included Colombian chefs, restaurateurs, culinary institute instructors and students, bean industry representatives, and food trendsetters. Workshops took place in four major Colombian cities; Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, and Bogota. In each city, well-known regional chefs and nutritionists conducted the workshops, focusing on the versatility and health benefits of dry beans, how to incorporate dry beans into menu planning, and the preparation of innovative and healthy recipes. A total of 197 invited guests attended and USDBC’s Spanish-language Todo con Frijol Facebook live streamed the four events attracting 2,800 viewers.

A fifth workshop, “Beans, the Superfood to Fight Hunger, Malnutrition, and Disease”, targeted government officials with food policy, food assistance, government procurement, health, and agriculture responsibilities and food policy influencers (nutritionists, HRI and dry bean producer association representatives). Presentations focused on dry beans as an affordable source of protein, the latest research about dry bean health benefits, how increasing bean consumption can address health concerns in Colombia and practical ways that households with limited budgets can plan and prepare meals using dry beans.

A digital marketing campaign was used to recruit participants resulting in attendance that far exceeded expectations. USDBC is now following up working with a group of chefs to generate content for their social media.

Attendees at The Art of Beans

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