Global Programs

The US Dry Bean Council represents the global market development interests of the U.S. dry bean industry. This includes the global export interests of growers, dealers, exporters, and corporates/processors.

Our goal is to foster cooperation Council members and provide real time global market insight and intelligence to craft strategy that will increase the consumption and production of US dry beans to enhance the economic health of the US dry
bean industry.

The USDBC conducts export promotion programs as part of a 25 year and counting private/public partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) through a variety of funding mechanisms including the Market Access Program (MAP, the Foreign Market Development (FMD) program and the Emerging Markets Program (EMP).  AS the dry bean industry exports approximately 20% of its annual production, export markets are critical and marketing programs continue to play an increasing role in the industry’s ability to understand and take advantage of global opportunities. Market fluctuations, competition and changes in technology, fluctuating and extreme weather patterns and global politics continue to dramatically change international dry bean markets. The US industry depends on programs funded through USDA/FAS to help develop markets for US dry beans and to provide vital information during the volatile times, which often characterize our global economy. USDBC’s marketing programs have evolved and streamlined into a two prong parallel strategy that focuses on innovating and maintaining in long-term growth markets and relying on a maintenance model for mature markets. At the same time USDBC is capitalizing on several new medium and longer term growth opportunities in developing markets, where trade patterns are changing leading to improved competitiveness for the U.S. dry bean industry.