Domestic Programs

It is critical that we protect and enhance our crop.  We push for policies that keep our crop healthy, help us expand production, and promote the health and nutrition benefits of dry beans.  

In addition to our global campaign to increase consumption of dry beans, we do the same right here at home.  This year we will be launching a new Expert Communications Network (ECN) to help us continue to educate and inform about our dry beans.  Stay tuned to this space for more details on what it is and how it will work and most importantly, how you can make use of this cutting edge online portal.

Some critical areas of focus in our domestic campaign:

Nutritional Information

USDBC is conducting the nutritional analysis of the principal classes of dry beans to provide the nutritional information required in the new food labelling guidelines.  These go into effect in two years but many customers are already asking for the new nutritional guidelines.   Additionally, USDBC advocates for increased exposure to U.S. dry beans in U.S. government legislation. We will provide information on U.S. dry bean nutritional content here and on our ECN.

Farm Policy

Working in conjunction with D.C. based lobbyists, USDBC educates, informs, and lobbies Congress in support of farm policy favorable to the U.S. dry bean industry. USDBC will begin identifying priorities for the 2018 Farm Bill in early 2017.

Expert Calling Network

USDBC is developing an Expert Calling Network (ECN) to be launched in early 2017.  The ECN is an online portal that will provide access to industry experts on topics such as; nutrition, exporting, recipes, etc. on a fee for service basis.  The ECN will serve as an arm of USDBC to do additional promotional work both domestically and globally.


USDBC leverages its resources to engage in and support ongoing research on breeding, production, harvest techniques, etc. with a view to increasing global U.S. dry bean production.  A major area of focus is research on ending dry bean crop loss to sclerotinia.