Our History

The US Dry Bean Council (USDBC) was founded in 1956, primarily as a national organization representing state and regional dealer associations in the United States.

In the late 1980s, state and regional grower organizations were added to the membership roster. Canners, processors, bean shippers and food companies joined as separate corporate-category members in 2001.

Historically, the USDBC focused its efforts on overseas promotion and marketing of US-produced beans. Meanwhile, a sister organization, the American Dry Bean Board, which also included many USDBC members, assumed the responsibilities of marketing and promoting the versatility and healthfulness of beans to US-based audiences. In 2005, the two organizations merged and retained the US Dry Bean Council as the combined entity’s official title.

Our Current Structure

Today, the USDBC is comprised of corporate members, grower commissions representing producers in seven states, and shipper/dealer associations or boards representing the interests of grain elevators, brokers, and transport companies, which operate in the 14 major bean-producing states. Each of these members appoints one voting director and one alternate to the Board of Directors.

The USDBC Board includes three officers: a president, vice president and secretary/treasurer. The USDBC board appoints all committee members and chairpersons.

Additionally, the Council currently includes 10 standing committees. These committees primarily, but not entirely, include the appointed directors and alternates sitting on the Board of Directors. Importantly, all members of the Board and all committee members and chairs are volunteers from within the bean industry.